Field Buzz is an integral part of field service management which aims to control and optimize post sale service performance and customer satisfaction.
- KPI’s for successful service management
•Increase Technician-to-Dispatcher Ratio
•Decrease Customer Churn (Maintain Customer Loyalty)
•Decrease Customer Missed Appointments
•Decrease Lead Time
•First Call Scheduling
•First Visit Success
- Benefits to Company
•Improved service efficiency
•Improved assets tracking
•Better info. management & reporting
•Reduce paper work, administration, and data entry errors
- Benefits to Technician
•Save time over mundane tasks
•Report time, actions and locations easily
•Receive clear measures of efficiency and effectiveness
•Reduce errors of manual entry
- PDA Functions (Technician)
1.View Daily Schedule
2.View Order Details
3.Execute Orders
4.Modify Order Details with Actuals
5.Upload Order Details
- Reporting Functions (Supervisor)
1.Status Reports
2.Exceptional Reports
3.Service Cycle Efficiency Reports