Are you searching for a temporary job or a career that would further develop your knowledge, experience and skills? Do you want your PC to be your best and only friend from 09:00 to 05:00 or do you want to be a part of a successful team, to interact, to learn and above all develop yourself and others? Are you talented and committed but searching for a place that would fulfill your eagerness to achieve? If you are searching for a true career path, a place to further develop and above all a family you can rely on…then BI-Technologies is the place you should be in!

We're a cutting-edge technology company, constantly taking on new challenges, we seek talented people who want to proof themselves and have an immediate impact. Sounds like you? Then BI-Technologies is the place you should be in !


Join BI-Technologies family and become a BI-an.. Enjoy working in a professional yet cozy and friendly environment.

Sales & Marketing

We help our customers to make the right decision

Project Management 

We manage the implementation teams to make sure things are smooth sailing

Software Development

We write the codes to make business easier
Professional Services

We get to streamline our clients’ business and make it ready on time
Information Technology

We build the infrastructure that keeps our employees and clients connected

Quality Control

We find out errors and bugs before our clients do

HR & Admin

We are the team behind the people in BI
Technical Writer

Under moderate supervision, the Technical Writer is responsible for researching, designing, writing, copyediting, proofing, formatting, and production editing Guidance Software end user documentation. Technical Writers report to the Documentation Manager