Become a BI Partner



Why Become a BI Partner?


  •  At BI-Technologies, we cherish and appreciate our relationship with our partners and are always seeking to achieve the utmost for all parties.

  •  Our diversified solutions are the reason we excel and the main reason we acquired in a relatively short time a large number of multinationals and leading locals. This in turn enhances and strengthens our partners’ position.

  •  We believe that working in a professional manner is the initial step in the road to success. This is why we apply a specific project management methodology with all our clients which provides an edge on all other competitors and gives our partners the trust that their clients will be best served.

  • Our Business Development team are dedicated to further develop our partner relationship and performance through several trainings we provide with regards to our products and selling strategies besides our ongoing and unconditional support to our partners and their teams.