We Introduce The 1st FMCG Marketplace App To Be Fully Integrated With Sales Buzz®


MANDOOBi is the latest development from BI-Technologies in B2B Self Ordering Technology.

After the great success of Sales Buzz in Empowering sales representatives during field visits, We thought it’s time to empower the merchants as well and make life easier for FMCG (Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods) Suppliers.

Some of the Key Benefits For Your Business :

  • Save Order Taking Time
  • Boost Your Sales
  • Reduce Your Cost
  • Optimize Sales Reps. Store Visit Effeciency 
  • Deliver Orders Quicker With Minimum Errors.


MANDOOBi App, is an impeccable Salesman app specially developed from BI-Technologies to facilitate distributors to take orders directly from their retail customers using Android & iOS Based Mobile Devices.  MANDOOBi App will automate your ordering process without involving the need for manual intervention.


Some of the App Key Features for Users  :

  • Online ordering
  • Online payment
  • Live visibility of product launches & updated prices
  • Create your own delivery schedule & track your order
  • Maximize your benefit from trade promotions
  • Order history and re-order
  • Ability to place multi-vendor order
  • Access to special promotions
  • Ability to request dealing with new FMCG
  • Direct channel for complaints


For more Infomation : 

Contact us:  01090551166