Fleet Control is the software that enables Fleet Managers to make best use out of their Fleet by minimizing the expenses spent and maximizing the lifetime of the Fleet with lower down time rates. The automated Fleet control system tracks vehicle assignments, vehicle expenses, vehicle utilization and provides direct input to vehicles’ budgeting.


Fuel Management

  • An up-to-date fuel consumption statistics including previous and new odometer readings that allow a true measure of the driver's and vehicle's performance.
  • Detailed fuel reports enable fl­eet managers to properly manage and direct their fl­eets.
  • An exceptional tool for indicating vehicles and driversexceeding fuel consumption norms.


Tire Management

  • The complete detailed record of the vehicle’s tires provides both security and control for one of the mostcrucial elements of any ­fleet.
  • Tire Transactions’ details maximize the lifetime of eachtire and hence save money of tire replacement oragainst tire misuse.


  • Preventive maintenance extends vehicle lifetime and decreases the possibility of having accidents.
  • Fleet Control alert system ensures the performance of each vehicle’s maintenance on time.
  • Maintaining a record of spare parts and their vendors; saves time and money.

Route Log

  • The up-to-date information about vehicle executed routes provides a true measure of vehicle and drivers’ performance and effectiveness.
  • Integration with car communication devices strictly controls vehicles’ instant location.


Vendors Management

  • ·A detailed record of all vendor master information used in different modules of the system provides a simplified tool for ­fleet management.


Inventory Management

  • A tool to better manage the spare parts’ warehouse, and makes sure you never run out of stock.
  • A faster recovery from failure through optimizing spare parts inventory levels using the minimum and a prompt recorder for stock levels.


ERP Integration

  • Among the plug and play integrations with renowned ERPs is the integration with:
  • MS Dynamics AX - Infinity ERP


Why choose Fleet Control from BI-Technologies?

  • We provide a comprehensive solution that covers all the challenges faced by fl­eet managers in order to ensure acompletely controlled operation.
  • Fleet Control can be easily integrated with black boxeswhich can help in providing the legal of line tracking ofvehicles.
  • The high ROI achieved, leads to minimizing the ­fleetoperating costs meanwhile maintaining the maximumlife-time of the ­fleet vehicles.
  • We provide ongoing and unconditional support to ourcustomers.
  • We have an experienced professional team that holds fullresponsibility for a successful implementation throughoutits cycle.


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